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Professional spanking, switch services, Maidenhead. England

Happy New Year to everyone.

Lets hope this year is a much better one than last year!

I was hoping to announce that I would be back to work in January, but as I am in Tier 4, I am not allowed to work.

I do come under the exemptions for work in Tier 3, but realistically, I will feel safer once I am back down to Tier 2.

As soon as I am working again, I will let you all know.

I had a few trial runs in October before the 2nd lockdown and again briefly in December. I am sanitising everything

after they have been used (not really very good for my leather paddles and straps!) also all surfaces and door handles.I have hand sanitiser available to be used as often as anyone likes and I request that everyone washes or sanitises their hands when they first arrive. I have windows and doors open for ventilation whenever possible. I have also been asking everyone to wear face masks, which so far everyone has. I know a few people have not been keen on wearing a face mask in case it would take something away from the experience, but everyone has said it has made very little difference. I think we are all getting used to wearing them now!

All these measures have obviously worked well so far, so I will more than likely continue with them once I start back, certainly until life is safe again! Let's hope that's not too far away.

Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all soon.

Liz x

Absolute No! 

I do NOT get involved in anything sexual at all and I don’t appreciate wandering hands as I am here for spanking, not to be groped. I don’t allow any kind of relief including self relief. I am also Not a mistress and don’t do things such as foot worship , bondage or anything else BDSM related. Please look elsewhere for those services. 

Thank you.