Terms of Service

I am now back to working full time, but still taking as many precautions as I can. I will still ask everyone to wash their hands on arrival or use hand sanitiser that I have available. I am cleaning all implements after every session and using sanitiser on door handles etc. I am happy not to wear a mask during the session, but would appreciate being informed if you have been mixing in large groups, e.g. going to theatres or concerts, or if you have been any where that you feel may hold a higher risk of infection, so I can make a decision to wear a mask if I feel it necessary. Although I am double jabbed, being asthmatic, I still need to be very careful.
Thank you.

My time is £110 /hr.

I do NOT get involved in anything sexual at all and I don’t appreciate wandering hands as I am here for spanking, not to be groped. I don’t allow any kind of relief including self relief.
I am also Not a mistress and don’t do things such as foot worship, bondage or anything else BDSM related. Please look elsewhere for those services.

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