Terms of Service

Hi Everyone, finally I started working again from 14th June. I am however going to keep things a bit slower to start with and will only see one person a daily.  I’m afraid I will still have to ask people to wear masks until we are told we don’t need to wear them anymore; hopefully, that won’t be too long. I will still ask people to wash their hands when they arrive and will have a hand sanitiser available to use throughout the session. I will also make sure door handles and all equipment are cleaned every day. I will also be taking lateral flow home tests twice a week to make sure I’m ok.

My time is £110 /hr.

I do NOT get involved in anything sexual at all and I don’t appreciate wandering hands as I am here for spanking, not to be groped. I don’t allow any kind of relief including self relief.
I am also Not a mistress and don’t do things such as foot worship, bondage or anything else BDSM related. Please look elsewhere for those services.

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